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Some samples of the Decent Exposures Line!

Do you dread putting your bra on in the morning and look forward to taking it off at night? Have you avoided wearing a bra for years because you couldn't find something comfortable? Have you wondered why it should be so hard to find a decent, comfortable, cotton bra? With over 150 sizes, 15 colors, and 4 fabrics to choose from, we are confident you will find what you are looking for. For active-wear or leisure wear, whether you are pregnant, nursing, or just looking for comfort, we know you are going to love your new Decent Exposures® products.

Available in 100% Cotton, Cotton/Lycra, Lined Cotton/Lycra and Velour. Now also available in Dri-Release Fabric and Lined Dri-Release!
See our fabric page for information on this new wicking fabric.

Sorry, this item is out-of-stock. Bras may be ordered directly from



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