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Aarborg Nursing Aids
~ NEW!
Suprima BodyGuard.

Alternative Baby We are now carrying menstrual pads for moms. They are the brand LunaPads (organic)!

...And Then There Were Babies!
~ NEW!
We are now selling Plaid Pads! Coming Soon, our own line of cloth menstrual products

Angel's Baby Company
Currently, I am selling 4 different menstrual items: The Keeper, Darla's Menstrual Pads, Sue Ellen's Menstrual Pads and Plaid Pads by Heather.

The Baby Lane
Gladrags menstrual products. Menstrual soaking pot coming soon!

Babies In Balance
~ NEW!
Kristin's Cloth Pads

Baby's Wish
~ NEW!
Many Moons 100% cotton menstrual pads

The Keeper

Bay Design
~ NEW!
Bashfuls--custom-size totes for pads and tampons

B.Coole Designs
Granny Rags menstrual pads

~ NEW!
Organic cotton feminine pads and tampons and other healthy, chlorine-free options. Also organic woman-care herbs and supportive books

Blueberry Hill
For some time we have been concerned about how unsafe and impractical "paper diapers" are for our children. Only recently have people taken seriously the hazards of paper product use for women's menstrual items.
While using cloth menstrual products may "appear" to be a "step back," it is actually a giant step in the right direction for women's health and comfort.

Born to Love ~ Updated!
Cloth menstrual pads made from 100% cotton flannelette or soft cotton fleece. A Born to Love original design, since 1990, our special fold provides nine thick layers for maxiumum absorbency, but it unfolds to just three layers for thorough cleaning and quick dry. For more protection, extra liners and a nylon waterproof layer are available. We also carry The Keeper, menstrual sea-silk sponges, Hempers Mama Pads, plus Natracare unbleached disposable pads and tampons.

Bootie Band-Aid Cloth Diapers
~ NEW!
Mommy day and night pads w/ or w/out ultrex and wings.

The Bottom Line at Necessities!
Menstrual pads made from 100% cotton flannel. Nine layers thick when folded. Unique wing design allows for secure attachment. They can be refolded for a clean, dry layer. This pad is nine layers thick when folded. It unfolds to just three layers for easy washing and quick drying. Extra liners and a moisture resistant layer can easily be added.

Bottomzup Lily Pad cloth menstrual pads

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"Cloth Diapers are Natural!"
Want to talk about cloth diapers and babies? Everything you ever wanted to ask about choosing and using cloth diapers - from parents who actually use them! Send in your cloth diapering questions, or share your own great diapering expertise!


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