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Frugal Baby Tips - Absorbent Cheap Diapers and Protect Your Computer!


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Absorbent Cheap Diapers:
Have you wasted your money on cheap dept. store prefolds? The kind that baby is soaked through in 20 minutes? Do you throw up your hands and go back to disposables? Not if you are a frugal mom!!

Just get some 100% cotton kitchen towels - for medium absorbency - or hand (guest-size) towels - for heavy absorbency. Used towels are just fine. Layer and sew one towel on top of each of your prefolds. You can simply use a zig-zag stitch all around, trimming off any excess.

Or, if you don't have a sewing machine, it is easy enough to hand stitch across the top and bottom of each diapers, using a running stitch, and don't bother trimming off the excess.

If time is at a premium, put a pile of diapers and towels next to your favourite chair and work on a diaper or two a night, while you watch TV.

Now you have super-absorbent diapers for your baby!




mom wearing baby sling
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#2 - Protect Your Computer!:
Have you got a funny baby that loves to turn off your computer, right in the middle of your work or writing?

If the front of your computer is flat, you can protect it with a plexiglass bread board and some sticky-back Velcro®!

Just get a small plexi-glass bread board - say about 5" by 7" - and six Velcro® dots. Place one side of the Velcro® dots at each corner of the bread board, and one in the centre of each longer end.

Next, place the other side of the Velcro® dots on the coordinating spot across the front of your computer, covering up the "ON" button. Line up the two sides of Velcro® and install your Frugal Baby Computer ProtectorTM!

If the front of your computer is not flat, don't despair! Keep an eye out for some clear rigid packaging, that you can wrap across the front of your computer, and fasten with Velcro® dots along each side.

This time you will need the rigid plastic to be about 8.5" by 11". Place three Velcro® dots along each side of the shorter end of the plastic. Then place the coordinating dots along each side of your computer front, to match the ones on your piece of plastic. Then just line up and fasten one side, wrap around and fasten on the other side. There you go!

NOTE: This will not stop a determined troublemaker, but is very effective for babies and toddlers who don't really understand the frustration turning off mommy's (or daddy's) computer can cause!


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