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How to Choose the Perfect Cloth Diapering System!

Image: Changing Diapers: The Hip Mom's Guide to Modern Cloth Diapering, by Kelly Wels (Author). Publisher: Green Team Enterprises; First edition (October 1, 2011)

Changing Diapers - The Hip Mom's Guide to Modern Cloth Diapering
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Whether you are newly pregnant, or the parent of a toddler (or two!), you have a lot of choices ahead of you.

Just as you gathered information on pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and infant care - so you will want your diapering choice to be an informed one.

For some, the decision to go with cloth instead of single-use (disposable) diapers is just one step closer to a cleaner environment for you and the newest member of our global family!

By the time your baby is toilet-trained you will have changed about 6,000 diapers. Don't you agree such an important part of your baby's life deserves very careful thought? Since investing in cloth diapers can sometimes be a major financial decision, it pays to become knowledgeable about the choices available.

The average new parent chooses a brand of diapers for the following three reasons: easily located, cheap price or their best friend uses that particular brand. You owe it to your baby's comfort, and your wallet, to read further.

In a simple question and answer format, the following information will help you to examine your needs, desires and lifestyle - to help you decide on the perfect diapering system for your baby and you.

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Image: Pampers Baby Dry Diapers | Flexes for a snug and comfortable fit | three layers of absorbency

Pampers Baby Dry Diapers
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1. QUESTION: Are disposable diapers really a problem!?

Imagine burying 6,000 dirty diapers in your own backyard, or neighbourhood par. That's two and a half tonnes of disposablewaste created by just ONE baby in a complete 2 1/2 year diapering period. Each individual has a responsibility to help protect our environment, and each one of us CAN make a difference!

SUGGESTION: For at least a two week period, collect all your used disposable diapers in a green garbage bag in a corner of your kitchen - don't throw any of them out! Sure, they will take up a lot of space, and will probably stink - think about it!!!
(If you are still pregnant, ask a friend with a baby in disposable diapers to try this for you. Ask her what she thinks after two weeks.)

2. QUESTION: The initial outlay for cloth diapers seems quite high. Is it really worth it?

Most parents don't realize just how much they spend on disposable diapers, as the cost usually gets buried in the weekly grocery bill. By only purchasing one package at a time, parents often don't stop to add up the dollars spent each month.

Single-use (disposable) diapers ARE expensive. You can expect to change your new baby's diapers up to 360 times in just the first month alone! At a cost of anywhere from 12-26 cents per single-use diaper, you'll have spent $43.20 to $93.60! To diaper your baby in single-use diapers for 2 1/2 years could cost you a total cost of $2,055.60!!!

Depending on the cloth diapering system you choose, it wouldn't take long to recoup your initial investment. Simple Gerber flat squares and quality brand waterproof pull-on pants, like Bummis pull-on pants would begin paying their own way in less than TWO MONTHS.

Even if you opt for the top-of-the-line AIO diapers, like GroVia Organic Cloth AIO Diaper, they would begin to pay their own way in less than a year.

That means your second and third years of diapering are FREE!!!

SUGGESTION: Choose three of your favourite diapering options, and cost them out - diapers, night liners and covers.

Image: Bummis Super Whisper Wrap | Sourced in North America | Guaranteed lead, phthalate and BPA free

Bummis Super Whisper Wrap
Click for more info: US | CA | UK

3. QUESTION: What if finances are a real problem?

Three dozen inexpensive OsoCozy flat squares or OsoCosy prefolded diapers, fasten by Snappi Diaper Fastener or diaper pins, covered with Bummis Whisper pull-on pants, can all be had for less than $100.00.

Or, using these diapers inside Velcro® or snap-closing covers, such as Thirsties Diaper Wrap, Bummis Whisper Wrap or Proraps wraps offer you all the convenience and advantages of a fitted or an all-in-one diaper - at a much more economical price.

SUGGESTION: Ask for the more expensive diapers and covers for shower, baby Christmas and birthday gifts.

Image: woman doing diaper laundry

4. QUESTION: Isn't washing diapers hard work and time-consuming?

Parents no longer need to wash diapers. We have machines to do it for us.

Try this routine: Toss two dozen diapers into your washing machine, setting it to PreSoak/Superwash with Cold Wash/Rinse. Take your baby to your change area and change baby's diaper. Prepare yourself a cup of tea, and something to snack on.

Return to your washing machine, and set it to Regular Wash with Hot Wash/Cold Rinse. As the machine fills, toss in 1/2 to 1 cup of non-phosphate, gentle detergent, like Rockin Green Cloth Diaper Detergent (NOT Tide® with Bleach!) and, if your diapers are stained, non-chlorinated bleach.

Go relax in your favourite chair, put your feet up, enjoying your favourite radio or TV program or book, while baby nurses off to sleep. Lay baby down in a safe place, toss the clean diapers into your dryer, and enjoy the peace and quiet. When baby wakes up, you'll have fluffy, clean diapers ready to use!

Now, did that take any longer than bundling up baby, trekking out to the mall, hauling home huge bags of disposable diapers with baby in tow, and then lugging the dirty diapers out to the curb on trash day!?

Image: GroVia All in One Cloth Diaper | Super absorbent, organic cotton inner | soft layer of water resistant TPU outer | Stretchy tabs for a perfect fit

GroVia All in One Cloth Diaper
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SUGGESTION: If you breast-feed and use cloth diapers, you will save more than enough to treat yourself to a new washer and dryer!

5. QUESTION: Why do you recommend using a diaper service for baby's first few weeks?

Diaper services provide you with clean diapers on a weekly basis. Their diapers are bacteria-free, subjected to extremely hot temperatures and bacteria-killing rinses.

The cost is at least two times that of washing your own diapers - but your time is precious in those early weeks.

Spend your time recovering, establishing a good milk supply and enjoying your new baby . . . without adding to our growing landfill and environmental problems.

SUGGESTION: If you choose to stay with the diaper service - you'll only need to buy one dozen diapers, like OsoCosy prefolded diapers, for emergencies and some waterproof covers, like Bummis Whisper pull-on pants.

6. QUESTION: But I'm used to disposables, and afraid to change! What diaper system offers the maximum convenience?

All-in-One diapers are used exactly as a single-use diaper. The only differences are they fasten with Velcro® or snaps instead of tabs, and you toss them into a diaper pail instead of a garbage pail.

SUGGESTION: GroVia Organic Cloth AIO Diaper diapers or Prorap Diaper Covers and OsoCozy Prefold Diapers offer all the ease of disposables, at a very affordable price.

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