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Hempers Prefolds Hempers Prefolds on the line HempersŪ Prefolds
These diapers are guilt-free! Tree-free, mildew-resistant, durable and eco-friendly. Not your average diaper!
A durable, totally natural diaper (no bleach, no dyes), composed of 55/45 hemp/green cotton muslin outer, 55/45 hemp/green cotton inner terry soaker pad. 100% cotton thread, 5 or 8 oz muslin.
Available in Small (5oz) 14"x16" (up to 20 lbs), Medium (5oz) 16"x19" (20-30 lbs), or Large (8oz) 19"x22" (up to 35 lbs).
To achieve maximum absorbency, wash in warm water 5 or more times before first use. These diapers become softer and more absorbent with each wash! Canadian-made by a work-at-home-mom.

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