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Image: gDiapers is reinventing the diaper inside and out | giving parents the convenience of disposables | soft cotton gPants let baby's skin breathe | colors and prints to fit your style Image: Baby Bond Couture Nursing Sash/Belly Band | Discreet nursing | Maintain eye contact and interact with baby Image: The First Years deceptively simple Close and Secure Sleeper allows you to feed, soothe, monitor, and bond with baby in the comfort of your own bed Image: JJ Cole Strap Covers | Reversible Strap Covers | stylish way to make baby's car seat more comfortable | protect your child's face from the rubbing on rough seat belts Image: Grimm's Wooden Stacking and Nesting Rainbow Bowls | Heirloom-quality | crafted by hand in Germany | solid wood sustainably-harvested from managed European forest

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Make Your Own Diapers and Covers:

Image: Babyville Boutique Cloth Diapers Made Easy Book, by Dritz Babyville Boutique

Babyville Boutique Cloth Diapers Made Easy Book
Click for more info: US | CA | UK

Frugal Diapering
Save money when using cloth diapers! Diapering in emergencies, fitting tiny newborns, and more!

Make Your Own Baby Bum Sweaters
Make your own soakers just like Grandma used to make! Practical, economical and a pleasant alternative to plastic covers. Wool soakers draw moisture away . . . help prevent diaper rashes . . . remain dry outside.

Make Your Own Wool Soakers
Complete instructions to knit, crochet or stitch your own hand-made soakers! Plus lots of options, ideas and easy diapering hints . . . Down Under Diaper Cover Pattern, Crochet Soaker, Nise's Crocheted Soaker Pattern, Knicker Soakers, Woollen Diaper Covers, Woollen Nursing Pads.

Confessions of a Diaper Fanatic
(Or How we Diapered Brad for FREE!):
No one I know here on the central coast of California uses cloth diapers. Well, there is one mother of three, but she is from Canada, and when she gave birth to her first child it was the in thing in Canada. Includes pattern and photos to make-your-own prefolds!

Image: Diapers Made Easy by Interpretive Specialists - Video of detailed instructions for making your own All-in-One Cloth Diapers

Diapers Made Easy by Interpretive Specialists
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Sew Your Own Diaper Covers
We will always keep this site and information free to help families save money, live in a more renewable fashion, and support natural and organic products for babies and children around the world.

How to Sew a Fitted Cloth Diaper (on the cheap!)
Here are my instructions on sewing a fitted cloth diaper. It's so easy!!

Ottobre Diaper Pattern
Cloth diaper pattern in two sizes

Cloth Diaper Sew Along
Step-by-step instructions, including pictures and video!

Goodness Gracious FREE Diaper Patterns
Free Goodness Gracious diaper pattern, plus preemie/doll diaper and trainers

Image: How To Make (All-In-One, One-Size-Fits-Most) Cloth Diapers: A step-by-step photo guide for making fabulous, eco-friendly diapers, Jennifer C. Berry. Publisher: Q Berry Books (October 23, 2011)

How To Make Cloth Diapers
Click for more info: US | CA | UK
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Do It Yourself Nappies - step by step help

Home of the Free RRP Diaper Patterns
The RRP diaper is a one-size pocket diaper that does not need closures (you can pin, snappi or lay it in a cover) and can be made completely from recycled fabrics like sheets or fabrics from your local Walmart or fabric store. The Rita's Rump Cover pattern makes a one-size aplix closure trim diaper cover.

Swim Diaper Sew-a-long
Use this pattern to make covers or swim diapers.

Sew a Diaper Stash for $30 or Less!
With just a little sewing know-how, and a stash of old clothes, you can get started cloth diapering for about $30 - maybe less! And we'll show you exactly how to do it right here.

Be a Clothdiapering Mama!
Comfy T-shaped Diaper Pattern and Sewing Instructions

More cloth diaper patterns


Diaper Stacker Patterns:

How to Make a Diaper Stacker
This handy diaper stacker conveniently holds 3 dozen diapers and can be hung off the changing table or anywhere you like.

How to Make a Diaper Stacker
Diaper stackers are a useful and decorative nursery item that make great baby gifts.

Tipnut's Picks: 40+ Free Projects For Baby:
Here's a whopping list of free patterns and tutorials for baby, perfect to give as gifts to welcome a newborn or if you're a soon-to-be new mom - you'll find lots of goodies here to fill the nursery.

Cuddle Buddies Diaper Stacker
Stack disposable diapers near at hand, but out of the way and under disguise, to keep baby's nursery cute and functional.

Image: Vintage Knitting PATTERN to make - Knitted Baby Under Shirt Soaker Diaper Set

Knitted Soaker Pattern
Click for more info: US | CA | UK


Wool soaker and Longies Patterns:

Aubrey DoodlePants Knitting Pattern V3.0
This is a basic knit pants/longies pattern

Blue-jean Longies
These unisex baby jeans knit up quickly. They are comfy as PJs, and get more faded and jean-like with every trip through the washer and dryer.

Fancy Pants
Old fashioned soaker pattern, with ribbed wetzone - from Free Vintage Knitting

Soaker Pantie - Small and Medium Sizes
Old fashioned triangle type soaker - from Free Vintage Knitting

Sweater, Bonnet and Diaper Cover
Basic soaker, with matching sweater and bonnet

Cargo Longies
These tiny pants have all the tailored details of grownup cargo pants in a soft, flexible knitted fabric.

Jenny's Soaker Pattern
Here's a knit pants style soaker pattern from Jenny (Jenny_adoptChina) at the MotheringDotCom diapering boards.


Diaper Wipes Recipes:

Cloth Diaper Wipes Recipes and Solutions
Diaper Wipes Recipes. Basic Wipes Recipe. Two tablespoons baby shampoo or wash; two tablespoons oil (almond, olive, jojoba, something natural )

Homemade Baby Wipes Recipe
Or use cloth baby wipes (which can be washed along with your diapers). When you use homemade baby wipes recipes you can either make your wipes solution...

Ideas and Recipes for Homemade Baby Wipes
The basic recipe for wipe solution will do good job of cleaning your baby's bottom ... your baby's sensitive skin and / or promote healing of diaper rashes...


I know we've missed your favourite diaper, soaker, longie pattern, or wipe recipe - so tell us and we will add it to the list!



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