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Bumkins®' All-in-one diapers will last an average of 150 washings, although this number varies depending on detergents and bleaches used, the time span between washings, the storage conditions, as well as other factors.

Please wash your diapers before first use. If you are unsure if the size is correct, only wash and shrink one diaper. The diapers will shrink most after their first wash and dry, but will continue to shrink slightly for a few more washings. You do not need to purchase any special cleaning products, unless you prefer to. You do not need to use hot water to wash. Most detergents are formulated for effective cleaning and sanitizing, without hot water.

Manufacturer's Care & Laundering Instructions:

  1. After removing soiled diaper from your baby, fold the Velcro® closures inwards onto the soft loop strips to protect the tabs during laundering. This prevents the diapers from sticking to each other and the Velcro® from collecting lint during the wash cycle.

  2. Rinse all solid waste off the diaper as best as possible. It is best to do this into the toilet, or in the case of breastfed infants, rinse under running water. Rinse in cold water to prevent stains from setting.

  3. Store the rinsed diapers in the diaper pail. Some parents prefer to pretreat the diapers while being stored before laundering. This will prevent any staining or order problems. See additional suggestions below.

  4. Wash the diapers in warm water with your choice of detergent.

  5. The use of bleach or stain removers is not necessary, and purely a personal choice. Non-chlorine bleach (like Clorox 2®) is the only type that should be used on these diapers. We recommend pretreating only the diapers that require special attention, rather than adding bleach into the load. Chlorine bleach causes the rapid deterioration of all fabrics and components of the diaper. The use of chlorine bleach will void all warranties on Bumkins® products.

  6. An extra rinse may be necessary if you have very hard water, or tend to use more than the 1/8 to 1/4 cup of detergent.

  7. Tumble or hang the diaper to dry. Because of the high absorbency of the diapers, expect that they will take more time to dry than other clothing. If they are not completely dry after one cycle in the dryer, hang or air them to dry. Excessive heat from the dryer will wear the diapers out more quickly.

  8. Do not use a fabric softener, as it works by "coating" the fabric. This will decrease the absorbency of the diapers, as well as being a potential cause of skin irritation.

Pretreatment and Stains: Treat a soiled diaper promptly to avoid stains and harm to the cloth. Rinse with cold water and use your preferred commercial stain stick or spray according to package directions. Alternatively, dilute Borax or any non-chlorine bleach with water and pour or spray on soiled area. Do not let the diapers dry out with the stain treatment on them. Some stains may come out right away, others may gradually face after a few washes and treatments. Hot water will set stains, so a cold pre-rinse is recommended as well as a cool or warm wash. Using Borax or a diluted Baking Soda mixture in the diaper pail will neutralize odors and ammonia build-up. Keep any liquid-filled diaper pail away from your baby's reach.

Detergents and Bleaches: Various detergents produce different results in cleaning and stain prevention. Specific baby detergents (Ivory and Dreft) tend to keep the diapers the softest, but do not prevent stains as well as other detergents. Be careful with coloring in detergents; the pink crystals in Dreft will slowly discolor the outer shell of the diaper over time. National brand detergents (Tide, Cheer, etc.) prevent stains well, and keep the diapers soft and clean. Detergents with non-chlorine bleach will prevent the stains best, and keep the cotton whitest; but the waterproof outer shell may yellow slowly from repeated use. Non-chlorine bleach is safe to use, but will be more aggressive on the cloth, accelerating the thinning of the cotton over time. Chlorine bleach will drastically decrease the strength of the fabrics and use of it will void any product warranties.

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