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What better place to reach new and expecting parents at the prime decision making time of their lives? These parents and parents-to-be are here searching for products and services to make their lives easier, searching for help and guidence on the best products for their new family. They want to be educated, and informed. They are ready to buy, and hoping to find the answers they seek - here on our pages.

Our May 2004 stats - These figures are accurate as of 15:27 on 19 May 2004. Since 15:21 on 27 Apr 2003, there have been a total of 2,222,624 advert exposures, for an average of 5,728 exposures per day.

Almost 20% of our visitors are spending 10-30 minutes on the site, 20% are spending 1-3 minutes per page. More than 42% are returning in less than a day. Most of our hits are coming from Google (31%), MSN (23%) and Yahoo (19%).

As a WAHM (work-at-home mom) site, we want to help other moms be able to stay home with their little ones too. But we also want to offer an affordable rate to all businesses who choose to provide products and services supportive to the mother-child relationship.


Companies that offer cloth diapering supplies, attachment parenting-type products, WAHM and other businesses offering products and services supportive to the mom and baby relationship. Kids clothing, natural body care needs, environmentally-concerned products, websites providing information supportive to moms and babies, natural and alternative health, and much more! If you aren't sure if your site qualifies, just ask!


We will not accept any ads that promote bottles, pacifiers, formula, disposable diapers {exceptions - Tushies} or separation of the mother-child relationship. Nor will we accept any ads not supportive to the important closeness of the mother-child relationship. We are strong advocates of the personal, social and environmental benefits of natural parenting. Our pages reflect the real life concerns of today's environmentally-concerned parents. We will not sacrifice our long-held values to simply "make a buck".


First-time moms, pregnant moms-to-be, moms having their 4th (5th-6th!) baby, and even dads and grandparents, searching for products and services to make diapering their precious babies and grand-babies, much easier. Parents searching for WAHM businesses that they prefer to support. Parents who choose to educate themselves before making this very important decision - which diapering product will cover their tiny babies' bottoms for 2-3 years. Many of our visitors are breastfeeding, using the family bed, use herbal remedies or alternative health services. They are often very concerned about the environment, and protecting their children's health is a top priority.

We have two sets of banner ad rates - one for businesses and one for WAHMs.
(WAHM definition = Maximum gross income of $25,000 per year)
The rates listed below are in Canadian dollars. The current US exchange rate is about 73% (i.e. $10.00 CDN = $7.30 US)

AD Placement Corporate WAHM
Main pages 150.00 CDN/mth 100.00 CDN/mth
Catalogue Request page 100.00 CDN/mth 60.00 CDN/mth
Feature Site 150.00 CDN/mth 100.00 CDN/mth
Feature Product 150.00 CDN/mth 100.00 CDN/mth

Block banner advertising runs from the 1st of each month and end on the 1st of the following month. (example - the evening of June 1 to the morning of July 1).
We only put up (or renew) banner ads at the first of each month. Businesses need to renew before the end of the preceeding month.
Payment can be made by I-Check, Paypal, personal cheque or money order, by Visa, Mastercard or American Express. Payment must be made in full before your ad will be run.


We prefer banners to be of a particular file size, length and width:

Banner Specifications
Banner size: Maximum 468 wide x 60 high (pixels)
Feature size: Maximum 150 wide x 150 high (pixels)
File size: 21K maximum
Format: non-transparent
GIF Animation: acceptable

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