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Menstrual Hut
To join the Menstrual Hut, send a message to: containing: SUBSCRIBE in the message body.

For all females to discuss about their menstruation troubles or whatever that' s related to the topic of menstruation as well as the neccessities needed for menstrual time ....

This is a list for discussing menstruation, breastfeeding, pregnancy, and other physical issues related to women's lives throughout history. Emphasis is placed on open discussion and serious research, but topics involving legends, educated guesses, and old wives' tales are also welcome. In addition to emotional and spiritual issues, we also want to focus on the practical approaches used through the ages.

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"Cloth Diapers are Natural!"
Want to talk about cloth diapers and babies? Everything you ever wanted to ask about choosing and using cloth diapers - from parents who actually use them! Send in your cloth diapering questions, or share your own great diapering expertise!


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