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7 Skin Care Ingredients You Should Avoid and Why

COLOURS - Most manufacturers use synthetic dyes. Watch out for D and C and FD and C colours. These dyes are possible carcinogens and are not necessary to use.

DISINFECTANTS - Many manufacturers use hydroquinoline bromide to protect their products; it is a harsh chemical that can irritate your skin.

EMOLLIENTS - Mineral oil is a petroleum derivative and is an inexpensive oil commonly used. It is poorly absorbed and tends to block your skin pores, not allowing your skin to breathe. Mineral oil can be photo toxic to your skin and can cause pimples and dry patches.

FRAGRANCES - The word fragrance on a label will usually mean a synthetic fragrance. It is less expensive and can cause allergic reactions. A fragrance is used to make a product more appealing and to cover up any rancid smell is a product has outlived it's shelf life.

HUMECTANTS - Propylene glycol, another petroleum product is often used. It is a possible skin sensitizer and is used in anti-freeze and hydraulic brake fluid.

PRESERVATIVES - The chemicals used to preserve cosmetics are often more toxic than the bacteria they're supposed to kill, and are not 100% effective. Methyl and propyl paraben and imidazolidinyl urea are chemicals most commonly used. They are strong skin sensitizers and can cause contact dermatitis.

DETERGENTS - Harsh detergents, such as sodium sulphate, cocomide TEA or DEA and sodium laureth sulphate are commonly used and are known to cause skin and scalp irritation. These detergents, when combined with TEA or DEA may form carcinogenic nitrosamines in hair and skin products.

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