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INDEX : Menstrual Information, Natural Sea-Silk Sponges, The Keeper, The DivaCup, BTL Cloth Menstrual Pads, Mama Hemp Menstrual Pads, Bravado Nursing bras, Decent Exposures bras.
Purely Gentle - Natracare Products CONGRATULATIONS!
to all of you who have already made the switch to reusable menstrual pads! For those of you who haven't switched yet, be sure to read these articles:
  • Menstrual Products and Health
    - breast cancer and other illnesses have been linked to some menstrual products - by Kirk and Stacey Johnson
  • Feminine Ecology Notes - information on menstrual products - Born to Love
  • Women Taking the Initiative for a Safer Environment
    - information on dioxin-free menstrual products - from Natracare
  • Fast Facts from "Whitewash" - environmental information
  • Backgrounder: What Are Organochlorines? And Why Are They So Dangerous?
    - environmental concerns about "disposable" menstrual products and diapers
  • What Women Can Do to "Stop the Whitewash" - toxins in menstrual products

    Menstrual Statistics:
  • Number of women in Canada between the ages of 12 and 45 (in 1988 was) - 6,949,300. 1
  • Number of "disposable" pads estimably used by women in Canada per year is over TWO BILLION!! (Based on each woman using 26 pads per month)
  • Amount spent per FIVE years on "disposable" pads by one woman is $360.00 (Based on a woman using 26 pads/month @ $6.00/box)
  • Amount saved over FIVE year period by purchasing one dozen washable, reusable cotton pads is $300.00!
  • The saving on our environment is worthy of consideration also. Cotton pads will last for several years, and are not harmful to the environment as the "disposable" pads are.
    1. From Catalogue #91-210. "Post Enfal Annual Estimate of Population by Marital Status, Age, Sex and Components of Growth for Canada, Provinces and Territories. 6/88"

    The Dioxin Issue:
    Women are being exposed to poisonous compounds when they use sanitary protection products
    Cotton Fleece BTL Cloth Menstrual Pad - snapped view

  • A chlorine bleaching process is used in the production of sanitary napkins and tampons... only to give the products a "pure white" appearance. The same process is also often used in paper towels, "disposable" diapers, coffee filters and milk cartons.
  • Chlorine bleaching of pulp and paper products (such as sanitary napkins) generates dioxin, one of the most lethal poisons ever created. Measurable dioxin quantities remain in the paper products produced.
  • Dioxins can enter our bodies by passing through the skin. The risks include: changes to the immune system, birth defects, reproductive problems and production of cancers.
  • Women have regular and direct contact with chlorine bleached sanitary protection products; yet, this issue has been neglected in the dioxin debate.

    Tampon Risks:
    Natural Sea-Silk Sponge A study undertaken by Drs. Eduard Friedrich and Kenneth Siegesmund published in the February 1980 issue of Obstetrics and Gynecology reports: "Visible alterations in the vaginal surface have been identified among tampon users. Such alterations include mucosal drying and micro-ulcerations."
    These findings are significant, since researchers believe the bacteria causing Toxic Shock Syndrome (staphylococcus aureous) can only cause infections when access is gained to the bloodstream through a wound site. Healthy tissue has a natural immunity to most forms of bacteria. Sea-silk sponges (used as menstrual sponges), The Keeper, and The DivaCup (latex-free), are found to be non-abrasive and do not cause the excessive drying of the mucous layer protecting the vaginal surface.



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